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1127 Beach Blvd
Hamilton, Ontario
L8H 6Z9

Canoes & Kayaks,
Sales & Rentals
Located on Lake Ontario,
below Skyway Bridge

to East Port Drive
to Beach Blvd.

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Update Routine
We use different full length layers of 100% Kevlar material with a marine Epoxy and Vinyl Ester resins.

Repairs & Maintenance made to Fiberglass and Kevlar.

Fall and Winter Hours are by appointment.

Please call (905) 545-4745 to make an appointment.


Update Routine
Beach Marine has been manufacturing canoes since 1975.
Our Canoes come in 12, 14, 15 or 16 foot lengths, 33 to 44 inch widths and 14 to 18 inch depths.
Each canoe is made using full length of 100% Kevlar material and Epoxy with colour or clear gelcoat exterior and of paddles.
16 Foot Fiberglass, Regular Stern Canoe

16 Foot Fiberglass Square Stern Canoe


Update Routine
  Wood Trim Kevlar

Length: 16'3   Width: 38   Depth: 15   
Weight: 50   

  yellow canoe

Length: 16'3''   Width: 38'   Depth: 15''   Material: Fiberglass or Kevalr   


1127 Beach Blvd,   Hamilton Ontario,  L8H 6Z9 (905) 545-4745 Toll Free: 1-877-727-9053